Whenever you park with the ParkMan app, you pay:

$0.00 - $0.35

+ applicable parking fee for the exact time you park

When you start parking, you will set the time you evaluate you will park for. You can then either add more time if you need to (directly through the app, of course), or end the parking time whenever you are ready. The actual time you spent will be registered, and you will be charged based on that. Charging is done monthly directly via credit card, and you will be able to see all of your parking fees on one receipt.

ParkMan for business

Save up to 30% on parking expenses



  • No monthly fees
  • Parking fee
    + $0.00 - $0.35
    / parking + VAT



  • Monthly fee $5.00 / user + VAT
  • Only parking fee (no additional payment processing fees)