Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you calculate the price for parking?

    At ParkMan, we have a payment processing fee of $0.00 - $0.35/parking, in larger cities it’s always $0.35/parking. This processing fee includes all in-app features, and is the same no matter the length of the parking, hence the processing fee will never be more than $0.35/parking. With the high prices for parking, many users experience that they save money by being able to stop their parking with ParkMan, and thereby only pay for the exact time they have parked.

  • Why was I charged by ParkMan? I didn't park on that day.

    We charge for one month's use at the beginning of the following month. The charge you can see on your account is for past parkings and other transactions. We have sent you a receipt for this payment by email. Please check the spam folder to see if the email has ended up in there, and consider adding us as a contact to make sure all future emails are delivered directly to your inbox.

  • How does the $10.00 free parking work?

    The $10.00 campaign is something we have for new users that have received a promo code and enters it when registering to ParkMan, so that they can get a warm welcome to ParkMan. The discount will give you up to $10.00 off your first parking with ParkMan, it can not be used over multiple parkings.

  • How do I get a new password for my ParkMan account?

    You can get a new password by tapping 'I forgot my password' from the login screen. Type in your email address and press Send. A new password will be sent to you. Double check the spam box if the email doesn't arrive. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support.

  • I have a new car, what should I do? How do I choose the correct car?

    From the top left corner of the ParkMan app, you find the menu. From the menu, open Vehicles to be able to add and remove registration numbers.

    When you start your parking, tap the registration number shown the confirm view to choose the correct car.

  • Why didn’t my promo code work?

    The promo code sent to you in the Welcome email is for you to share with your friends. When a friend joins ParkMan with your code, you will both get one free parking each (up to $10.00). You cannot use the code on your own account, but please do share it.

  • How do I change my contact details ?

    You can change your contact details from the app, like this:

    • Open the menu from the top left corner of the ParkMan app.
    • Choose My account.
    • Press the list of details and you will be able to edit the details.

    Note: On Windows Phone, it’s currently not possible to change the email address. Please contact us from your current ParkMan email address and let us know of your desired changes.

  • How do the wardens know if I have paid with ParkMan?

    The wardens check for parking by scanning your license plate.

  • I got a parking ticket while using ParkMan, what happens next?

    Oh my! That’s something we need to look in to! Please send a photo of the fine to, including your ParkMan account email address and we’ll check it out.

  • How are my card details handled?

    The transactions are handled by our international partner PayEx. PayEx is a PCI-certified payment processor and all communication is SSL encrypted. You can read about Payex on their own website

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