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There are two types of cookies we use:

Session cookies: these are cookies that are stored on your device only during the time of your visit, and remove themselves when you leave our website

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Neither of these cookies does any damage to your device. Cookies are not viruses. Cookies are also not code - they don’t make any changes to your device. They just help us give you a smoother and personalized visit (just like our service helps you find and pay for parking easier).

What exactly we do with cookies:

We use them to store your site preferences and choices, so that you don’t have to choose them again each time you visit us.

We use them in web analytics services to help us understand the ways in which you use our website and apps, so that we can improve your experience and our overall service.

We have them occasionally with our afternoon tea or coffee.

You are able to manage cookies yourself:

Depending on the browser you use, you can:

View the cookies that you have on your device, and delete any of them

Block cookies from different sources: from third parties, specific sites or just all cookies your cross paths with

Delete all cookies upon closing your browser