Privacy policy

1. Registry and contact details

Name of registry: ParkMan user registry
Company name: Neligrate Ltd
Postal address: Fredrikinkatu 61 A 6. krs.
Post code: 00100
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Business ID: 2320069-7

2. Contact person

Name: Matias Lindroos
Phone number: 09 4257 9290

3. General

Neligrate Ltd ( "ParkMan", "the service", "we/our/us") follows the legislation regarding data protection. This document describes how we use the information we have collected about you. Under no circumstances do we share the information you have entered into our app or on our website with third parties.

4. The use of your personal information

Personal details are collected, managed and stored by Neligrate Ltd to maintain customer relations and the service itself, and also for the purpose of informing. The information is used to keep statistics and to further develop the ParkMan service.

5. The registered people/groups and the information that affects these.

Personal data is collected and managed by Neligrate Ltd when you enter your data in connection to the registration process when you start using ParkMan.

Personal data is the data entered into the app or onto the website by the user when registering, or at a later point including, but not limited to, updating personal information.

Personal details can also be collected by other means, including, but not limited to, phone calls. To update personal information, we may use information from the Population Information System. To find target groups for marketing purposes, we may further use the Vehicle Traffic Data System or other open registries. Personal data that can be saved and managed includes name, address, phone number, e-mail information, information regarding mobile phone operator, mobile phone brand and model, information regarding profession, identity information including, but not limited to, password and user ID, information regarding the cease of service usage and other information regarding profiling for marketing and potential prohibitions for direct marketing.

6. The sharing of information

User information is shared with appropriate partners, such as parking wardens and other parties who need the information to secure a working service. Personal details are not shared with third parties without express consent from the user, in other cases than the aforementioned and/or if necessary for legal purposes.

Statistical usage details and information can be shared with third parties in a de-identified state, from which no personal user or customer details can be distinguished.

ParkMan may use the Google AdWords service or similar marketing services to market ParkMan for users who have downloaded our app or visited our website. Third parties, including but not limited to Google, may use so called cookies to show appropriate ads to users who have previously downloaded the ParkMan app or visited our website. The information collected by such services will follow their privacy practices. For example, you can adjust how Google's ads appear to you on the page Google Ad Preferences. Should you choose to do so, you can completely prohibit Google from showing ads to you.

7. Data protection principles

The user registry of the service is maintained, by us or by a party authorised by us, as an electronically collected registry. The user information system is protected from external hacking by using appropriate protection tools. Access to the registry is monitored using user specific ID's and passwords.

8. The rights of inspection and refusal

The user has statutory rights to access their registered information and the right to refuse the usage and management of their personal details for direct marketing purposes. The customer reserves the right to access the information which we have collected about them. We will transfer the information to the user upon their request. We reserve the right(s) to collect an appropriate administration fee for the compilation of this data if less than a year has passed since the user last requested access to the information we have collected about them.

9. Others

ParkMan reserves the rights to amend or change this policy at any time without further notice, to secure that the policy complies with rules and laws about data collection, or for reasons of user/company interest. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.